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West Side Story Audition Form

West Side Story Audition Form
Please check all that apply
Please check all of the dates that you CANNOT attend. Please note, if I know well in advance of your conflicts, I can usually work with you. But, if you are a lead, you must be available for ALL performances. Also, on these long days, please note you will have two breaks and we will feed you! 🙂
Please list any conflicts (on the line above) that you have between now and the first two weeks of December. For example, family vacations, work, sports, voice lessons, dance, music lessons, family requirements, etc... BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE, PLEASE! Include time frames and dates, including summer conflicts (yes, we will most likely begin choreography in the summer). 🙂 If you have no known conflicts, then please write "None" or "I don't know."
There will be a $50 fee per student for their costume and students are expected to provide their own shoes, underclothing, tights, socks, etc... In addition students are expected to have their own makeup kit, hair supplies and to do their own hair and makeup for the production. New students who do not know how to do their hair or makeup will be taught prior to the show opening, but then be expected to manage their own hair and makeup needs during the run of the show. Please check all that apply.
There is an annual UHSAA fee of $190 for any student participating in theatre in any capacity. This fee is the same whether a student does all of the shows and competitions, or just one. The fee is applied to the student account. Please check all that apply.